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Grace Borgeson

Douwlina tells the inspirational story of an orphaned rhino in South Africa. When her mother is killed by poachers, Douwlina is raised in a shelter in South Africa. There, people and other animals love and care for her until she is ready to live with her own kind again. Funds from this book go to “Care for Wild Africa” and other groups working to stop Rhino poaching.

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About the Author

As Grace Borgeson began getting to know the animals that shared the land with her and learned more of the moving details of the little rhino’s life, she realized that her purpose in Africa was to tell Douwlina’s story. Grace’s deep faith has moved her to help people all around the world understand they can help preserve the magnificent species of the African continent, particularly the rhino. She is a founding partner in Hope 12 Industries, Inc., whose Dira brand products were developed with a focus to build and expand revenue for African game parks in order to support habitat and wildlife management. Funds from the book go to “Care for Wild Africa” (an organization dedicated to rescuing and raising the orphans of poached female rhino and to the care and nurture of other orphaned or wounded wildlife) and other South African organizations and groups working to stop rhino poaching. Originally from Texas, Grace now lives in Tampa, Florida, and South Africa with her husband and their children.