Finding Your U

Katrin Muir Lau & Judith Widener Muir


College counselors Judith Widener Muir and Katrin Muir Lau have teamed up to write Finding Your U: Navigating the College Admission Process. The college admissions process is lengthy and complicated, for students as well as parents. As college counselors, the mother-daughter team of Muir and Lau has a unique perspective on the admission process. Finding Your U is the synthesis of 30 years of work in the field, hundreds of college campus visits, and innumerable conversations with college deans and reps. Muir and Lau have learned that when students and parents communicate with the correct information, the path to college application can be a time of positive growth in both the student’s self awareness and the family’s relationships.

Finding Your U includes detailed tips for:
Choosing the best-fit college, Knowing what colleges look for, Paying for college, International students, Follow up procedures, A four-year plan for students

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About the Author

Judith Widener Muir and Katrin Muir Lau are both based in Houston, Texas. Families from around the globe seek their direction in managing the complex college admission process. Emerging high schools from around the world also call on them to develop their college counseling programs—to hire and train staff, to develop the school’s profile, and to connect them to colleges; existing high schools seek them out to retool their programs and make them more effective in promoting personal growth.