Good Night Cowboy

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Glenn Dromgoole
Illustrations by Barbra Clack
Illustrated in pastel pencil

This western bedtime classic continues to delight little cowpokes across the country and lead them peacefully down the trail to sleep. As light drains from the prairie landscape it’s time to “bed down” for the night. As sleep comes, happy hearts bid “Good night!” to the creatures and features of their world. Comes in both cowboy and cowgirl editions. Sweet dreams!

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About the Author

Author Glenn Dromgoole’s couplets in lullaby rhythm gently invite little ones to enter sleep, and artist Barbra Clack guides their minds’ eyes from the cow dog nodding in the shed to the prairie grasses whispering “Shuteye! Little Cowboy, the spiny horned toads in their dusty beds are closing their bright eyes, too!”