Shine On

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Mike Renfro

From the arrival of a frail German named Kosmos Spoetzel into the town of Shiner in 1909 to the emergence of Shiner Bock as the preeminent Texas beer in the 1980s. Shine On tells the story of the first cult beer. This beautiful coffee table book chronicles the successes and struggles of a growing business and brings you a fascinating story that’s as important to Texas history as a cold Shiner beer is to a hot day.

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About the Author

Mike Renfro received a Bachelor of Journalism from The University of Texas and has worked in radio and print media for many years. His work has received numerous awards: Including Radio Mercury Award and The One Show Creative Awards. Mike currently lives in Dallas.

The cover unfolds to become a 20-by-30-inch vintage Shiner poster. So the book is, in more ways than one, a work of art.” – Abilene Reporter News

“This book is exactly what you think it is, and is very good at what it does. Shiner Bock fans will absolutely love this.” – Mutineer Magazine

“For fans of Shiner beer and the Spoetzel Brewery, as well Texas history buffs, comes an entertaining read of the brewery’s first century.”

“This is a great-looking, big-format hardback with crisp, lavish design and graphics finally, a coffee table book for beer geeks. Better yet, Renfro captures the flavor of this much-loved regional brewery, reminding us in the process that a great brewery is a part of its community, city and state. Bigger than that and it becomes something else.” – The Oregonian Newspaper

“[Shine On] is an easy-flowing, beautifully designed coffee-table history that should stand up to scrutiny. It’s a fun read, especially for Shiner fans.” – Fort Worth Star Telegram