The Same Heart

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Chris Helene Bridge
4-color illustrations

Lilting rhymes show children that everyone is different on the outside, but in all the ways that matter, we are the same. Known for her collaborative projects with children, Chris looks at eyes, ears, hair, feelings and thoughts. Using simple direct language, she shows that while they appear different, they provide us the same experiences. Text in English and Spanish is amplified by call out words in major languages, and illustrations created by students celebrate the beauty of individual faces in the rich landscape of diversity. The Same Heart provides children with respect for every individual’s uniqueness and the importance of finding connection.

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About the Author

An artist and writer, Chris Bridge combines her passions when working with children, art and writing. For over 30 years, she has been involved with a variety of programs that serve the youth in her community. A collaboration of kindergarteners and their sixth grade reading buddies lead her to create Read to Me. She lives in Houston, Texas.