Treat Her Like a Princess

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Denise Hazen
Introduction by Edgardo Rivera, M.
Illustrations by Jennifer Procell

4-color illustrations & charts

Finally there is practical advice for helping friends deal with the realities of breast cancer and maneuver life’s daily demands during this difficult time, while remembering to celebrate life and friendships. Includes resources to share with patients, and a glossary of common terms used during treatment. Hazen is a breast cancer survivor and national speaker offering personal support, insight and love to women diagnosed with breast cancer.

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About the Author

Sassy, determined and unstoppably positive, Denise Dameris Hazen, met Stage 3 cancer with the kind of vigor and fortitude that would have a combat marine quaking in his boots. Throughout her treatment, Denise allowed herself to be filmed by a CNN film crew for the documentary Taming the Beast. As she faced seventeen rounds of chemotherapy, a double mastectomy and six weeks of daily radiation, Denise sent a clear message to other women: Not only it is possible to endure breast cancer treatment, but you can emerge on the other side even stronger than before.

Denise lives in Houston, Texas with her husband, Charles and their children Catherine and Nicholas. She continues to offer personal support, insight and love to women diagnosed with breast cancer as well volunteering with Pink Ribbons Project, in motion against breast cancer.