Searching For Stones, Finding One’s Soul

By By Lillian Chen, Intern

With Easter behind us, the hustle and bustle of our hectic lives returns and we start to lose touch with our spirituality and well-being.

While meditation is an artful practice that brings us peace and comfort, sometimes we fail to answer, even after meditating, the questions and struggles we face. What are our qualities that we need to focus on to improve ourselves? What other qualities can we seek to bring us what we need? Is it kindness? Harmony? How can we remember to exhibit these positive qualities?

MEDITATIONS_EARTH_cvrIt’s also difficult to stop in the middle of the day and sit down to mediate. We can, however, carry certain symbols with us to remind us of beautiful Mother Nature and about the “goods” in life. Gemstones are the perfect answer. Certain gems and crystals symbolize important values, such as balance, mental clarity, creativity and focus. Even though the general idea of mystical powers of gemstones is understood, many people do not know which ones give which powers.

Do you ever wonder what gem represents you the most? Or maybe you want to verge outside the common gems like Ruby, Diamond or Sapphire. Do you want to explore the unique qualities and beauty of cool Aquamarine, loving Rose Quartz or protecting Jasper?

Meditations from the Earth: The Soul Language of Gemstones by Elizabeth Irvine provides an eye-opening view of 33 different types of gems, some familiar jewels and others lesser-known treasures. With beautiful photography, easy to remember characteristics of each gem and numerous maxims, there is something new to be learned on every page. The ebb and flow of words and the soft colors will leave you naturally glowing as if you’ve been meditated (while reading!).

Take this “Which gem is for you?” quiz to get a glimpse at some of the gems in the book and see what kind of gem you possess.

Unsatisfied with your results? Curious to see what other gems exist? Want to speak more of the “soul language”? Step back from the noise of the world, open up Meditations from the Earth and discover how you can incorporate gemstones into your life to gain clarity and comfort, energy and feelings of love, gratitude and calm.

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