Trolls and Fairies and Sticky Toffee Pudding, Oh My!

By Kyndall Krist, intern

Fairy tales often ignite our imaginations while also teaching valuable lessons. Thistle Downe follows the enchanting story of Tyson, a young troll, in his quest to overcome the hardships of his early life in order to better himself and to be with his love, a fairy named Amelia. Set in Scotland’s Orkney Islands, a place rich with folktale culture, this story demonstrates that you can rise above any obstacle with determination and creative thinking (and maybe a little sticky toffee pudding).

ThistleDowne_cvrTyson’s troubling childhood begins with the death of his mother, resulting in Tyson being raised by an inconsolable father in a cave. Feeling alone and unloved, Tyson leaves the cave and strives to better himself by getting an education and learning to read. Even then, he is bullied for his unusual appearance, but no matter what barriers he faces, Tyson is persistent, never gives up, and keeps an optimistic attitude. After meeting the lovely fairy, Amelia, he dreams of building a beautiful home for the two of them and naming it Thistle Downe. One last barrier remains: will Tyson be able to win over Amelia’s over-protective father, Lord Magnus Flemming, so that his dreams come true?

The inspiration for this fairy tale is a fanciful miniature house built with twigs and love by the authors of Thistle Downe, Gary and Molly B. Whitney. What began as a playhouse for children’s toys and a centerpiece for holidays became more elaborate with time and eventually cultivated the idea for this charming fairy tale. This miniature house remains in the Whitney’s home in Houston, Texas. To view photos and more information, visit

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